Online Access Act in German higher education institutions

The Online Access Act (DE: OZG - Onlinezugangsgesetz) obliges all German authorities and, thus, also higher education institutions to offer their administrative services to citizens and students electronically. For a systematic implementation of this project, the German IT Planning Council has set up a digitisation program that divides all administrative services into 14 subject areas.

The OZG catalog, which lists all the relevant administrative lines. These administrative services (also known as LeiKa services) have been systematised for an improved user view and summarised in comprehensive OZG services. For example, the LeiKa services "Enrollment certificate" and "Application for improvement of grades" are combined in the comprehensive OZG service "Higher education institutions admission, studies, examinations, and certificates." These OZG benefits were aggregated into life situations (e.g., studies), and the life situations were further aggregated into one subject area (e.g., education).

Since the wording of OZG does not exactly specify which criteria must be met when an administrative service is considered to be implemented in compliance with the law, the German IT Planning Council's maturity model can be used. The German IT Planning Council bases on the model of the EU Commission (European Commission 2018: eGovernment Benchmark 2018, p. 33) for measuring the online availability of administrative services. Among other things, proof of the completion of digital application procedures can be submitted electronically.  Further information on the German IT Planning Council's digitisation program can be found in the OZG guide.

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Recently, German higher education institutions were asked to comment on the data models for the SDG regulation (not those of XHEIE!).